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  1. Get a trial Soveryn Account from
  2. Download the code with get (or download the latest release) from this site.
  3. Replace [websiteAPIKey] with the WebsiteAPIKey listed in your Soveryn Account (in Website Settings, under the Advanced tab).
  4. Replace the [ftpUsername] and [ftpPassword] with your FTP credentials. These are provided by default by services such as Rackspace and GoDaddy; you may need to install an FTP server if you are running your own IIS server.
  5. Upload the code (or release) to your IIS server that is running at least Asp.Net 4 (might work on Asp.Net 3.x, but it's unsupported)
  6. In your Soveryn Account Website settings, change your current domain path to the correct domain to your site.
  7. In your Soveryn Account Website settings, in the advanced tab, change the FTP credentials to the same FTP username and password as in the Web.config.
  8. Visit the site. It may take a few moments while the system is compiling and building the cache for the first time.

Website Settings

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