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Project Description

Soveryn Commerce is a state of the art SaaS eCommerce website solution built on top of ASP.NET 4 and ASP.NET 4.5.

More Information

How this works

This is the what we call the web client of our eCommerce website solution; the core which includes the CMS and all website data which is stored on our servers. To use this you need to be provisioned a Soveryn Account (sign up for a free trial here ->

You install this on your server (we automatically deploy this to our cloud servers for our clients), and it talks to our system which contains all of the business logic, which is great for security and performance.

This SaaS architecture allows a lot of changes to "just happen", causing no interruptions, and preventing anything from becoming outdated (common shortcomings of other systems). For instance, one day our customers received a friendly message letting them know that their site now supports a nice blog feature.

For the web designer

We designed this system to be as friendly as possible for web developers to style and modify. Since most of the nuts and bolts live somewhere else, it's virtually impossible for anything to break or become corrupted (unlike a single instance solution such as WordPress). You can alter nearly every aspect of the system; a good portion requiring no code and is as simple as dragging things around on the screen.

The bones of the website have been designed to be extremely extensible and concise. If you are familiar with CSS (and maybe a bit of HTML), then just about anything and everything becomes easy to accomplish. There are no convoluted themes or plugins, so your site will be unique to your brand, and since there are no plugins in the traditional sense they can't wreak havoc on your site.

Doodads, what we call widgets

The site is made up of isolated pieces of code we call doodads. Doodads are analogous to widgets in other systems, and can act as site-wide plugins or modules as well. A doodad can be HTML (like in WordPress), or be server side driven with C#, or a combination of both. Doodads can be moved around and altered in real time by being logged in to our back end, and being in edit mode.


Our page hierarchy is unique in that pages inherit content (doodads), from one another. So if Page B is child to Page A, then Page B will have all of the same doodads as Page A. This is a similar concept to the MasterPages/Pages in ASP.Net; allows some very intricate site designs, and maximizes efficiency, content reuse, and ease of deployment.

Lightning fast

All data is cached locally on your server so your site has to perform very little work during run time. This gives the benefit of having a blazing fast site, improves load times, and lowers bandwidth consumption.

No databases

Since Soveryn handles all data securely in the cloud, there is no fooling with databases. This greatly increases the number of hosts you can use, as well as saves you money by not having to pay costly MSSQL fees. This also eliminates a point of failure and increases page load times.


Soveryn Commerce uses Google Analytics every step of the way, so you can use its full power to track everything from email marketing click through rate, to order page conversions.

Standards compliance

The whole system is perfectly HTML5 compliant, and is backwards compatible for the best possible experience across all platforms and browsers.


The entire system can be modified and extended to create any experience currently possible on the web. Soveryn Commerce is a modern website platform. Fancy features utilizing JavaScript and HTML5 come with the web; Soveryn Commerce a powerful underlying framework with which to leverage those features.

Marketing and SEO Technology

  • SEO optimized tag generation
  • Google Adwords PPC campaign ready
  • Advanced website analytics and traffic reporting with Google Analytics
  • Easy SEO settings for pages, categories, and products
  • Google Shopping product feed
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Targeted email marketing

Ecommerce Features

  • Enterprise scale shopping cart and ecommerce functionality
  • Easily update your website without programming using the Soveryn Control Panel
  • Add and edit web pages with a full featured visual web page editor
  • Advanced website merchandising features such as: featured categories, featured products, linked items and more
  • Advanced reporting features and tools
  • Multiple methods and levels of product categorization, navigation, filtering, and search
  • Real time credit card payment processing from processors and gateways such as and PayPal
  • Coupons, discounts, and promotions
  • Cross sell related items
  • Product options (size, color, style, etc) with or without surcharge
  • Control Panel sales support and order management
  • Sell on terms - accept orders on credit from approved customers
  • Utilize a single common product management, payment, merchandising, and integration bridge across all of your Soveryn ecommerce websites
  • Multiple shipping charge calculation options
  • Real time shipping charge integration with UPS and FedEx
  • Sales tax functions by state or zip code

Back Office Content Management

  • Full featured Content Management System (CMS)
  • Keep your website up-to-date without programming
  • Easily Manage page structure and navigation
  • Create new web pages
  • Edit existing web pages
  • Upload images and files
  • Manage items and products
  • Manage prices, promotions, coupons, and more
  • Manage online catalog text and images
  • Manage related cross sell products
  • Manage targeted email campaigns

Back Office Sales Management

  • Manage orders quickly and easily
  • Support website shoppers
  • Utilize the same common inventory, payment processing, merchandising, and integration system as your online stores
  • Accept orders on credit from dealers
  • View sales reports
  • Review order history

Email Marketing

  • Create direct email marketing materials with a full featured visual email design editor
  • Manage lists of contacts
  • Create and edit email marketing materials
  • View click through rates
  • View sale conversion rates
  • Follow email effectiveness

Libraries used

  1. Hallo - - MIT
  2. #ziplib - - GPL

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